Ray and the Sunbeatables®: A Sun Safety Curriculum for Preschoolers is only possible due to the generous support of The Lyda Hill Foundation.

We would also like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Albers, Baker Botts, LLP, Farmer Family Foundation, The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation, Linn Energy LLC, LyondellBasell Industries and The Mays Family Foundation for their support.

We would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their valuable contributions in leading the writing, development and creative works of the curriculum.

Payal Pandit Talati, M.P.H.
Lindsey Pedigo, M.P.H.
Mary K. Tripp, Ph.D., M.P.H.

We would also like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their insights into the development of the curriculum.

Mandy Jo Perez, M.B.A.
Carmen Pollock, M.A.
Elizabeth Winters, M.S., M.B.A.
Susan K. Peterson, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Ellen R. Gritz, Ph.D.
Jeffrey E. Gershenwald, M.D.
Michael A. Davies, M.D., Ph.D.
Elizabeth M. Burton, M.B.A.
Amanta Sintes-Yallen, M.P.H.

Patricia Osborn
Cate Heroman, M.Ed.
South Montgomery YMCA
MD Anderson YMCA
Texas Medical Center YMCA
MD Anderson Advance Team







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