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The Sunbeatables curriculum, designed by specialists MD Anderson Cancer Center, features a cast of superheroes who teach children the basics of sun protection including the obvious: how and when to apply sunscreen...

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Skin Cancer is on the Rise, Focus on Prevention

As a melanoma surgical oncologist, I consider it a privilege to care for my patients. We can successfully treat and often cure the majority of patients when melanoma is diagnosed at early stages, but I am also a regular witness to...

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Skin Cancer Prevention Progress Report 2017

The MMS developed an evidence-based program, Ray and the Sunbeatables: A Sun Safety Curriculum for preschoolers, kindergarteners and first-grade students, which launched in May 2015...

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Cass County Public Health Summer Sun Safety Initiative

Atlantic News Telegraph • June 19, 2018 

Sun Protection Program Expands to Educate More Children

The Dermatologist • June 11, 2018 

Have a Sun-Safe Summer and Educate Little Texans!

It's Time Texas Blog • Summer 2016 

Kindergartners Fight Skin Cancer the Fun Way

FOX 26 Houston • May 28, 2018 

Your Body: Teaching Kids about Sun Safety

ABC News Radio • July 25, 2016 

Keep the "Burn" Out of Your Summer Fun in the Sun

National Head Start Association Blog • June 6, 2016 

Kid Friendly Program Aims to Teach Sun Safety with Superheroes

Fox 7 • Austin, TX • July 17, 2016 


Sunbeatables Program

CBS 4 News Rio Grande Valley • Summer 2016

Sun Protection to the Rescue

Texas Medical Center News • August 24, 2016 

Prevención del Cáncer de la Piel

Univision 45 • Houston, TX • Summer 2016 

Superheroes Fighting Skin Cancer

ABC KVUE • Austin,TX • June 23, 2016

Kids Learning Lifetime Sun Protection Skills

The Brownsville Herald • Brownsville,TX • July 10, 2016





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