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Kindergarten-1st Grade Curriculum

In this curriculum, children meet the Ray and the Sunbeatables® superheroes, who travel around the world using their superpowers of sun protection. Children are encouraged to participate in curriculum activities to help Ray and his friends stay sun safe every day and everywhere they go.

The K-1 curriculum includes 10 lessons and 4 supplemental puppet shows. Lessons are designed to be flexible and easy to incorporate into daily classroom routines. Preview a lesson to learn more.

Ray and the Sunbeatables®: A Sun Safety Curriculum is only possible due to the generous support of The Lyda Hill Foundation. We would also like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Albers, Baker Botts, LLP, Farmer Family Foundation, The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation, Linn Energy LLC, LyondellBasell Industries and The Mays Family Foundation for their support.


Includes online training webinar and resources on sun safety importance, curriculum lessons and teacher tips for program implementation.

Preparation Table

Use this table to preview lessons at-a-glance, subject areas covered, materials needed for each lesson and tips to engage with parents throughout the program.

Lesson 1: Meet Ray and the Sunbeatables®

Students meet Ray and the Sunbeatables in a puppet show and create a Travel Book.

Lesson 2: Safari Sun Safety Adventure

Students learn how animals protect themselves from the sun's rays.

Lesson 3: Color Fading Science Experiment

Students learn about the damaging effects of the sun.

Lesson 4: Serena's Sunscreen Experiments

Students discover the importance of sunscreen reapplication.

Lesson 5: Are Our Shadows Long?

Students compare shadow lengths at different times of the day.

Lesson 6: Make Shade Trees with Ray

Students learn the importance of finding shade outside and make their own shade trees.

Lesson 7: Clothing Flashlight Test

Students identify sun safe clothing.

Lesson 8: Make a Sun Safe Hat

Students make and decorate their own sun safe hats.

Lesson 9: Sun Safety Sorting

Students identify items as sun safe or not sun safe.

Lesson 10: Draw a Sun Safety Superhero

Students draw life‐size images of themselves being sun safe.

Curriculum Supplemental Materials

Access sun safety songs, school posters, lesson templates, character puppet cut-outs and other items to use with the curriculum lessons.

Parent Materials

Provides resources and tips on how to engage with parents through every aspect of the program.


Includes individuals and organizations who provided valuable contributions to the Sunbeatables Program.

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